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Intro to the Turtle and the Firefly

Name: Kame

Likes: Manga/Anime, Ranting, Music, Writing, Drawing, and Just Being Crazy!!!!!

Dislikes: Twilight and the Army of Twitards, Bad Fanfics, Sparkling Vamps, Anyone Who Freaking Dares To Dis L.J. Smith, And Brittney Spears

Fav Color(s): Black, Red, Silver, And Purple

Fav Animal: Bats, Dolphins, Cats, Ravens, Crows

I hope that the world will see the true point of Twilight as well as the army of fangirls. NONE!!! You people make me sick with your worship of the glittery gay so-not-vampish Edward. I am prepared to die for my beliefs! I know that by posting this I will become the enemy of the Twitard army. Have at you crazy loons!

Name: Hotaru

Nickname: Ruru/Rurucchi/Hotarucchi/Ru-chii

Likes: Manga/Anime, J-Pop, K-Pop, and some C-Pop music, Dancing (Pop-locking), Writing

Dislikes: Antis, Pie, Terrible Fanfiction, Blabbermouths/people who talk way too much. (Like somebody Kame and I know…*coughJu-kuncough*), History class, Mathematics.

Fave Colors: Green, Black, and White

Fave Animal: Cheetahs, Lions, Dolphins

Twilight was okay. Well the book was. When I saw the movie, I just wanted to explode. WTF? Sparkling vampires? I didn’t even notice that in the freakin’ book and the next thing I see is SPARKLING VAMPIRES?!?!?!?!

…I’m fine. Seriously. XD